Intelligent Remortgage

Volume legal work - reimagined

The challenge

Remortgage legal work is historically low margin and high volume, leaving very little room for error. Margins continue to decrease making the work unprofitable for many law forms.

Our client only completed 1500 remortgage transactions per year at very low margins. They  had great contacts in the industry but did not have the capacity and processes in place to take on more work. With improved processes and technology, they saw an opportunity.

The solution

Auxero built a client and lender facing solution which automated many of the stages of the process. We simplified communications and client engagement, automated actionable items and ensured the client is always kept up to date. Compliance is built in to the technology, automatically adjusting the processes when regulation changes.

“Sometimes by addressing a problem with a new perspective you achieve an incredible result. Auxero helped us find that new perspective and helped change our world for the better”

The benefits

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