Predictive Analysis

Smart Credit Scoring

The client offers high-quality credit management services to transaction-intensive companies.

The challenge

To offer the right amount of credit to customers at any given point of time subsequently optimising and increasing business.

To help customers not to overspend beyond their ability at the same time utilize their payback ability to optimal use. To accurately predict overall customer ability to payback given credit i.e. Credit limit Accurate forecasting of cash flows of company for next quarter / 6 months / year.

The solution

The Auxero Credit Scoring Engine uses Deep learning / Neural networks to assimilate, normalize and profile country population across multiple parameters.

Auxero used a hybrid system based on both deep learning and rule based expert systems, and statistical learning system. By looking at historical behaviour, engine limits the person to his ability. And at times other way round as well i.e. increase the credit limit

“We didn’t think it could ever be done – we were wrong”

The benefits

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